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Alternative Financial Networks

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we look at financial networks.


Until the introduction of Blockchain the costs and logistics of building a financial network were out of reach of the average person.


Today we can be our own banks, take direct control of our wealth, store it without any monthly costs, and protect ourselves from a financial crisis.


The issue with being your own bank is 'What happens if something goes wrong?"

There is a solution to this problem

Don’t do it alone. 

The Blockchain Savings Account

Digital Escrow Services is here to solve exactly that pain point.


It can be intimidating to learn a new technology and stressful when it comes to one that deals with your money. The best way to solve that is for people to come together as communities to protect each other.

The Blockchain Savings Account leverages multi-signature smart contracts to create a network of Blockchain Account Managers and Smart Contract Coordinators to secure your wealth.

It starts with the Blockchain Savings Plan. You set a savings goal and we make it easy for you to understand the technology, explain the different blockchain ecosystems, and connect you into the alternative financial network.

We make it simple, safe, and secure to begin your journey into the wider Blockchain community.

Sign up below to have a Blockchain Account Manager contact you!


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